Box Office Smash


    Box Office Smash

    Our 14 x award-winning short film. This is the story of Office Man, who works in a box. He seems content fulfilling the requirements of his daily routine, until a computer error changes everything...

    "Box Office Smash" had its premiere screening at The Ritzy Cinema in Brixton, and then a limited run of 30 showings there during Brixton Design Trail week, 14-23rd September 2018, as part of the London Design Festival. Since then it has gone on to win 14 awards at festivals around the world, including Best Short, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Cinematography and Best Score, as well as being nominated 9 times in numerous categories and receiving acclaim from film critics and viewers alike. 

    WINNER (First Place) The Maco Project Film Festival New York 2018

    WINNER Best Drama Short, Best Director (Phil Dunn), Best Original Score (Thomas Bell) & Best Cinematography (Mario Genovese) at Royal Wolf Film Awards Los Angeles 2018. 

    WINNER Best Short Film Made For Between $5,000-$10,000, The Monkey Bread Tree Film Awards Summer 2018. 

    WINNER Best Indie Short (Silver) and Best Male Director (Bronze) at the Independent Shorts Awards, Los Angeles 2018.

    WINNER Best Narrative Short (Platinum), Best Director (Diamond), Best Original Score (Diamond), Best Cinematography (Diamond) at the Pinnacle Film Awards Hollywood 2018.

    WINNER Best Actor at the Falcon International Film Festival London, November Edition 2018.

    WINNER Best Soundtrack at the Melbourne International Short Film Festival, 2019.

    NOMINATED Best Scenario and Best Art Direction at the Eindhoven Film Festival Netherlands 2018.

    NOMINATED Best Director, Best Drama Short, Best Original Score and Best Production Design at the Olympus Film Festival Los Angeles, Zeus edition 2019.

    NOMINATED Best Short Film and Best Director at the International Short Film Festival London 2018.

    OFFICIAL SELECTION at the Bermuda International Film Festival 2019 (Oscar Qualifying Festival).

    Also OFFICIAL SELECTION at Disappear Here Film Festival 2018, Prisma Film Awards Rome 2018, Short Sounds Film Festiva 2018l, Queen Palm International Film Festival Palm Springs 2018, Falcon International Film Festival London Nov 2018 & Indie Short Fest Los Angeles 2018

    "There’s a momentous quality to Box Office Smash: something bigger than all of us.”

    - Bermuda Film Critics (read full review and interview here:

    "4.2/5 stars...That's the sheer brilliance of director Phil Dunn, who in 09:21 minutes of runtime manages to punch in a compelling narrative sans any dialogues."

    - Indie Shorts Mag (read full review here)

    "Box Office Smash is so powerful in its conviction and execution it will leave a beaming smile on your face."

    - (read full review here)

     "Phil Dunn’s short film Box Office Smash is well… a box office smash!"

    - Ben Rider, Festival Director, TMBT Film Awards (read full review here)

    "Recommended viewing for sure."

    - (read full review here)

    "Box Office Smash is a clever film with high entertainment value."

    - Festival Director, Pinnacle Film Awards, Hollywood.


“ The film opens to Thomas Bell’s exquisite, soulful composition; accompanied by the tardy clicking of the keyboard. It’s James Killeen, the ‘Office Man’. ...We wonder how someone can be so content; we are convinced someone can be so content. That’s the sheer brilliance of director Phil Dunn, who in 09:21 minutes of runtime manages to punch in a compelling narrative sans any dialogues. ...To have a film in a very primitive setting, to flesh the narrative with no dialogues to support it and to have a singular character as the soul of the cast requires skilful execution and expertise in one’s craft to make it a success. ‘Box Office Smash’ has it all. Be it Killeen’s acting or Dunn’s direction & editing, or Bell’s keen fusing of his composition to the pace of the film, ‘Box Office Smash’ is a stellar work of art meets filmmaking. ”

Nimisha Menon,, Box Office Smash


  • The Sounds of Salon Privé 

    Pirelli UK asked us to create their signature film of the year for 2018, covering the exclusive "Salon Privé" at Blenheim Palace. And unlike previous years the sun finally shone!

    Our Director, Phil Dunn took a more intentioned approach this year, writing a treatment that lead to a clear storyboard and shotlist before the day. The treatment focussed on capturing not just the many sights of the incredible day, but the sounds as well, which we accentuated with professional sound design in post production. Having sound design involved makes a massive difference as this film demonstrates, as does creating a story from an event rather than just capturing it. 

    Pirelli liked the film so much that they have featured it on their global youtube channel.

  • Pirelli - Blenheim Palace Classic & Supercar 2017

    This year's car show extravaganza #PirelliatthePalace. This video gained 25,000 views within a week.

  • Pirelli - Autosport International 2017

    Our latest video for the global tyre giant. Pirelli asked us to provide coverage of ASI 2017 for them in 3 ways:

    - A live broadcast of some on-stage interviews which was streamed live to their facebook page

    - 3 x 360 degree VR videos of some of the cars and main features on their stand

    - A 30 second summary video of their presence at the event, shown here

The Elements Music and Sound

  • The Elements Music + Sound BTS at Abbey Road for Toyota

    This was a huge pleasure. We spent a day at the iconic Abbey Road Studios filming this incredible big-band session that Elements Music and Sound did to create the soundtrack for a Toyota advert. 

    Our first aim was to capture all the elements of the day coming together to make the track, and then we reset the studio and lit it for some great interviews with the Elements team. 


  • Juggler

    A short film about William - a street performer who juggles on the streets of Chelsea. Phil Dunn and Thomas Bell co-directed this, and Thomas created the soundtrack.

    WINNER Best Documentary Short, Royal Wolf Film Awards Los Angeles 2018.

    OFFICIAL SELECTION International Short Film Festival London 2018.

    OFFICIAL SELECTION Big Easy International Film Festival New Orleans 2017. 

    NOMINEE Best Short Documentary at Norwich Film Festival 2016.


  • Bruno Major "Old Fashioned" Sticky Sessions

    Bruno Major will be old fashioned for you. We were pleased with how this one came out.

  • Ady Suleiman "State of Mind" - Sticky Sessions

    Jake Gosling, the multi-platinum music producer, asked us to come and film new and established artists performing live versions of their music at Sticky Studios, where he recorded both of Ed Sheeran's albums. Jake asked us for a specific look to the videos which we acheived through a combination of lighting, camera angles and a specific colour grade in post production. 

  • Norma Jean Martine - Only In My Mind

    Such an effortless and brilliant track from another rising star at Sticky Studios.

  • Sticky Sessions Title Sequence

    We produced this for Sticky to introduce their new series of live performance videos, 'Sticky Sessions'. One of our animators, Kevin Mcgloughlin, worked with photos that the Sticky Studios guys took and animated them to create this enchanting opening sequence, taking you into the world of music production.


  • Liberty Presents: The Nutcracker - Royal Ballet Performance

    Liberty London called on us again to partner with them in filming this exclusive event with the Royal Ballet, bringing a performance of The Nutcracker to their Regent street store. They wanted us to draw attention to their amazing Christmas installations in the iconic Liberty windows, whilst also capturing the uniqueness of this fantastic event, with its stunning performance. In addition, we filmed and shot photos of the windows being installed throughout one night in the run up to their grand unveiling which were featured by London's TimeOut Magazine.

  • Liberty x Havaianas 

    We were asked by Liberty to capture the amazing Havaianas installation in their iconic windows off Regent Street.  We filmed and edited together instagram videos within a day so they could promote the collaboration with the global flip-flop brand and give people a taste of the incredible mechanised display they had created. 

Iconic Global Brand

  • Coca Cola Women's Initiative

    After our work with Coca-Cola on their leadership programme, Coke commissioned us again to make a video for them to promote their Women's Initiative - aiming to get a 50/50 gender split throughout the company. We filmed the Europe Group President of Coke in their new London offices, and travelled to Brussels, Berlin and Milan to capture the other interviews necessary to bring the combined voice of the Europe group to this important ground-breaking initiative. We also brought it to life using simple motion graphics, and matched it to some of the ones in the American version that had been created previously. And we were very pleased to also be able to compose a track that could dovetail into a previous clip of the Chairman & CEO of Coke which had a different track behind it - this meant that his voice could seemlessly join with the European leaders in endorsing the initiative. 

  • Coca-Cola CSE - Lead to Win

    We are very excited to have worked with such an iconic brand, creating a series of 12 videos including teaser campaign, coaching content and event coverage for a major internal trans-European leadership programme.

    This project involved filming across Europe, creating bespoke 3D graphics, in-picture typography, and bespoke music tracks for each video. The programme was created for Coke by Lane4, our client of 8 years, and involved gathering 40 of Coke CSE's top leaders from all across Europe to grow their approach to leadership.

“ Authentive are creative, skilled and effective film-makers who get to know the client and build relevant, bespoke and differentiated solutions. As a Director, Phil is quick to build relationships with his subjects, making them feel at ease in front of the camera in order to get the best out of them. From hours of footage their editing genius always delivers a compelling story that meets the brief, delivers the message and engages the audience. Experts in their field, their work has been of great benefit to Coca-Cola. ”

Stephen Mulvenna, Talent & Development Manager, Coca-Cola


  • Pearson Online Global Leadership Development

    Another large project partnering with Lane4 to deliver a development programme for the global publishing company Pearson. The videos we created included 16 scenes with actors, presenter-led learning modules with animations, and a launch video which involved filming a runner at dawn making their way through the streets of London. The programme has been awarded two Brandon Hall Excellence awards. Gold for 'Best use of video for learning' and Bronze for 'Best unique learning and development program'.


  • Mott MacDonald Case Study

    A case study video we made for Lane4 about their amazing work with global engineering company Mott MacDonald.

  • A Tale of Change

    We created this animation in 5 days from start to finish for Lane4 as part of a new project they were doing. We worked with Lane4 to help hone their script, and then our team (including an illustrator who created all the characters and scenery, a voice-over artist, and animators) brought the whole thing to life in time for the deadline. A good example of a creative approach to corporate change communication.

  • Lane4 About Us

    A good example of an 'About Us' video.

“ Authentive are very talented, not only in your craft/creative process but you also have a great way with people which really has an impact on the end product. We really appreciate your passion and commitment to partner with us to deliver great results - working with the budget and time allocated. At Lane4 we believe in the importance of ‘wowing the customer’ I am very proud to say the work that we have produced together has ticked this box every time. ”

Louise Oliver, Senior Communications Consultant, Lane4

The Luxury Car Giant

  • Jaguar Land Rover - 27 Videos for Award Winning Project

    We were asked by our partners at Lane4 to deliver our most ambitious project yet: 27 videos produced in 1 month for the luxury car giant, Jaguar Land Rover, as part of a world class training provision. We rose to the challenge and did just that, delivering on time and on budget.


  • Get Out There

    A little autumnal visual story. Do what you love. 

    If we can make a film/video/advert to help get your brand/band/story out there, then do get in touch.

    Featuring the sporting talents of Emily Ackner from Fit For That. Soundtrack by Thomas Bell. Directed by Phil Dunn.

default client relationship profile

  • Northumbrian Water Client Testimonial

    A video showing how Northumbrian Water feels about the work that Egremont Group did with them.

  • Egremont Promo

    Egremont asked us to produce this video to showcase the effect their work has had on their clients over the years. 

  • Egremont Testimonial - Walgreens USA

    For this testimonial we flew to Chicago and San Francisco to capture interviews and footage of Walgreens, their people and the iconic cities they are found in. For the edit, we brought out the key messages in the video by using words-in-picture motion graphics, all set to a bespoke composed track. 


  • Serge DeNimes 'Concrete Jungle' Campaign

    We filmed this in East London's Barbican - the perfect location, with concrete shapes and raw, heavy architecture. We used a Ronin-M steadicam and second camera for close-ups and detaling, then edited to a fantastic music library track which we sourced to suit the collection.

  • Serge DeNimes AW14 Campaign

    Serge DeNimes is the fashion brand set up by Made In Chelsea's Oliver Proudlock. They asked us to make a campaign video for their Autumn/Winter Collection. We filmed their photoshoot and then cut this together to a great track by Greigh Wolfe. 

“ We asked Authentive to make our fashion campaign film and they nailed it. Phil Dunn's eye for light and angles was incredible and captured our clothes in a way that made us proud to be making them. The 1 minute campaign film that they created was masterful and worked perfectly with the music to bring our brand to life in a new way. I would massively recommend Authentive to others and have already done so. They are epic. ”

Oliver Proudlock, Creative Director, Serge DeNimes


  • Drummonds - Makers of Bathrooms for 25 years

    Drummonds are the premiere luxury bathroom suppliers and we had a great time putting together this video to showcase what they do. Using dramatic footage filmed in their factories in Poland, together with beautiful footage we captured of the products at their Chelsea showroom, we cut this to another fantastic track that we carefully sourced with Drummonds, to show why their 'Classic Handmade Quality' has placed them at the top of their industry over the last 25 years.

Businesswoman. Television host. Supermodel. Actress... The Body.

  • Elle Macpherson The Body Products - Interview for Vogue Australia

    Elle asked us to film an interview of her for Australian Vogue, to promote her 'The Body' beauty products. The brief was for it to be an insight into Elle's own beauty regime, whilst also foregrounding her products. We also filmed her in board meetings and at home for a documentary about her 'Intimates' lingerie collections.

“ Vogue Australia requested a filmed interview featuring my 'Elle Macpherson The Body' products. I was introduced to Phil from Authentive as someone who could fulfil a 'Vogue-worthy' visual brief whilst working to a tight deadline. I found Phil worked quickly, professionally and achieved a great result that showcased my products beautifully. ”

"The Body", Elle Macpherson

Dundas London

  • Dundas London Linen Shirts

    We were asked to film these luxury shirts in such a way as to highlight the qualities of a linen shirt compared with other materials. One main attribute is that they catch the wind more easily, so we shot this in slow motion to accentuate the effect of the wind on the linen, and carefully captured the other main features of the shirt, including the tightness of the weave, the high quality buttons and the distinctive label. 

Anti Human Trafficking

  • Anti Human Trafficking Animation

    We produced this animated video for an anti-human trafficking organisation to help explain what they do. It involved animating characters to tell a story and providing infographics that communicated their statistics in an engaging and impactful way.

    We pulled together a great team for this one, including a brilliant animator, voice-over artist, graphic designer and of course bespoke music from our resident composer. We worked closely with the organisation from helping craft the story and script, all the way to tailoring each detail to meet their vision for what they were hoping to communicate through this video.

Christian International Peace Service

  • CHIPS - About Us

    We created this in close collaboration with CHIPS to explain their work and celebrate 50 years of Christian International Peace Service.

  • CHIPS Campaign Video

    We produced this video for CHIPS working very closely with them to develop the right script, and then choose a mixture of stock footage and our own footage that would compliment the message of the video, about peacemaking.


  • Resco

     A good example of a charity video. 

“ What a brilliant job you guys did on the video. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! It’s fantastic and reduced people to tears at the launch today. Thank you for the very professional job you did. ”

Sarah Hill, Director of Employability &Training, Resco

Authentive Music

  • Authentive Music: Roo Panes at the Feastival

    We filmed Roo at our Feastival on 31st May 2012, and also created visuals which we mixed live behind him while he played, and then incorporated the visuals into the video afterwards. Visuals for musicians is another way of making video work for our clients - helping to bring out meaning and accentuating the story of the music being played. 

Samantha Lindo Music Video

  • 'Curl Up' - Samantha Lindo

    Recent music video for the hugely talented Samantha Lindo. Filmed on an A7S II camera with Canon Cine Prime Lenses. Concept, Production and Co-Direction by Phil Dunn and Tom Bell.

This was his first music video. It now has over 160,000 views on youtube.

  • King Charles - Early Thoughts of Final Days

    Shot between an industrial estate in Suffolk and the iconic King's Road, Knightsbridge and Sloane Avenue in London, we wanted to highlight the superficial luxury of London's Royal Burrough by contrasting it with derelict emptiness of the industrial background. We hooked Charles up with our friends at Skate Electric who supplied him with a board, and Charles provided the unique wardrobe that has become his trademark. We loved making this, and it seems even the Suffolk seagulls were willing to play their part at the opportune moment..

  • King Charles for Sticky Sessions - 'Carry Me Away'

    When King Charles came to Sticky Studios..

  • King Charles Interview - Sticky Sessions

    Jake Gosling interviews King Charles.

default client relationship profile

  • Days of May - So Far From Salvation

    Andy Cato of Groove Armada asked us to make the first video for his new band 'Days of May'. He wanted something that reflected the political nature of the band's material and also that connected it to the May 1968 Paris uprising, from which the band got its name. We managed to secure the use of original cine footage from the uprising, courtesy of the Director of a documentary from that time, Professor Seymour Drescher.  We then filmed across locations in London the story of a man heading to work, not entirely satisfied with his lot. We wanted the sense of contrast to come across, between this man's mundane existence - working for The Man - and the anti-capitalist cause for which the '68 uprising was fought. We also snuck in footage of crowds getting excited at Groove Armada's Glastonbury headline gig in 2008 and from their Lovebox festival in 2004 which we also filmed for them. The idea was to leave the viewer/listener with the question: all that passion and excitement - raising up hands against opppression.. or just out of enjoyment - does it ultimately acheive anything?

“ With different bands, I've worked with a lot of directors over the years. Images can turn music on it's head so sometimes it can be a hard process as each side tries to hold on to their big idea. With Phil, from the beginning it was different. He totally understood it, listened to ideas from our end, came up with a plan that incorporated them, then went off and delivered it. He was as bothered about getting it right as we were. Nothing is more important than that. ”

Andy Cato (Groove Armada), Days of May