Authentic and creative. These are the two values behind all our filmmaking. With each project we take on, we seek to find its authentic voice and then convey that using all the creative experience, talent and innovation that we have gathered and honed over the last 12 years. 

Our team has extensive expertise in every stage of production; concept creation, writing, storyboarding, directing, producing, cinematography, editing, animation, motion graphics and colour-grading. We bring each and any to your project to help you powerfully articulate your message, whether it be to sell a product in a commercial, to provide a visual counterpoint to a song, or to communicate your brand or programme to your chosen audience. Whatever the project, we are used to working within budget and timescales to deliver astounding results.

Over the years, our work for corporate clients, such as Coca Cola, Jaguar Land Rover and Pearson Publishing has helped them win awards for their programmes, our music videos have had more than a quarter of a million views and our own short films have won competitions and been awarded in multiple categories at film festivals around the world.

To find out how we can work with you on your next video or film project, get in touch here.

Phil Dunn


Phil is an award-winning Director. His most recent short film "Box Office Smash" (2018), which he wrote and directed, has won multiple awards both in the UK and in the States at festivals in LA, where his short documentary collaboration with Thomas Bell, "Juggler" (2016), also won an award.

Phil began making films with his cousins at a young age. Their first effort "Mission Improbable" later went on to win a short film competition and was included on the international DVD release of the movie "Son of Rambow". For his dissertation at University - rather than submit the usual 12,000 words - he wrote and directed a half hour short film, gaining one of the highest firsts in his year. 

Phil is highly skilled in all areas of production, from writing and concept creation, to working with a broad range of cameras and crews, to editing in Premiere and animating or compositing with After Effects. In recent years he has used those skills to create videos for Pirelli and Liberty London, multi-unit productions for Jaguar Land Rover, capture live music sessions at Sticky Studios (the home of Ed Sheeran) and to tell stories through his own short films.

Away from filmmaking, Phil writes and performs poetry, enjoys carpentry and likes fixing things.

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Thomas Bell

Editor. Composer.

Tom has over 15 years experience making videos and films in corporate, short film and documentary, using Final Cut, Adobe Premiere and After Effects. He also enjoys composing soundtracks in Logic X and Ableton 9. He is inspired by science fiction cinema and composers such as Philip Glass.

Tom Co-Directed both 'Juggler' (2016), which won a Platinum award for Best Documentary Short at a Royal Wolf Film Awards in LA, and the music video 'Curl Up' with Phil. He also composed the soundtrack for Juggler, which signified the start of him combining his composing work with his filmmaking skills (hear more of his work here). Recently, his work on the soundtrack for "Box Office Smash" won a Gold award for Best Original Music Score at an LA film festival.

In corporates, he has had a huge role in delivering projects like Pearson and JLR, whilst also having extensive experience in event filming, such as for Pirelli, or the live music performances at the Authentive Feastival and Sticky Studios. He is a vital part of the Authentive team. 

Mario Genovese

Director of Photography. Camera Operator. 

Mario is a Director of Photography and Camera Operator with seventeen years' experience in the industry. His career spans current affairs, documentaries, music videos, corporate branding as well as studio work. He loves experimenting with lights and shooting on a wide range of cameras, and is always looking for a creative angle to make stories unique. 

Mario recently won Best Cinematography (Platinum) for his work on "Box Office Smash" at the Royal Wolf Film Awards in LA. 

Mario has worked with us for many years, most recently on projects for Pirelli, Pearson and Jaguar LandRover. He is very creative and thorough in his approach and always brings a high degree of professionalism to every project.

Andy Smith

Lighting Cameraman. Drone Operator.

Andy has over 8 years experience camera operating in TV and video production. He is highly skilled with a broad range of cameras and lighting rigs, and has worked on programmes like Top Gear, The Grand Tour, and Made in Chelsea. For Authentive, Andy has filmed footage for our work with Pirelli, Pearson and also ran round London with a gymbal steadycam rig for 14 hours, filming the footage for 'Get Out There' with Phil.