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“Winner Best Short Film made for between $5,000-$10,000: "Box Office Smash". In the context of its budget – a short film produced just over what we would consider no funds (less than $5,000), but yet well below any form of micro-budget opulence ($10,000), Phil Dunn’s short film Box Office Smash is well… a box office smash! Quite frankly it is a very well oiled machine, and it salivates in its own directness of its content. Instead of scene-chewing dialogue, a large cast, or excessive scenes, we get a pleasant primitive film tale (this being in the context of Pier Paolo Pasolini’s film narratives idea). And nothing is overbaked or underbaked. It’s a fantastic balance of ease-of-access enjoyment with an alluring enigmatic idea – a man, working with a 00’s-90’s looking office, has his day become overwhelming in a less than perfect environment. One can’t help but have your mind wander off: is this an allegory of the impending economic crash of the mid-noughties that has come to define that era of office work or just a nightmarish vision of being stuck in the office in such a time?! All in all the production values are steadfast here, and we have a feeling of the film being quite modest all the while ambitious. As ever, with such delights, one can only quote the likes of 2010 Josh Radnor: Happythankyoumoreplease.”

Ben Rider, Festival Director, The Monkey Bread Tree Film Awards, Box Office Smash

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Phil Dunn’s short film Box Office Smash is well… a box office smash!


“Authentive are creative, skilled and effective film-makers who get to know the client and build relevant, bespoke and differentiated solutions. As a Director, Phil is quick to build relationships with his subjects, making them feel at ease in front of the camera in order to get the best out of them. From hours of footage their editing genius always delivers a compelling story that meets the brief, delivers the message and engages the audience. Experts in their field, their work has been of great benefit to Coca-Cola.”

Stephen Mulvenna, Talent & Development Manager, Coca-Cola

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Authentive are experts in their field...


“Vogue Australia requested a filmed interview featuring my 'Elle Macpherson The Body' products. I was introduced to Phil from Authentive as someone who could fulfil a 'Vogue-worthy' visual brief whilst working to a tight deadline. I found Phil worked quickly, professionally and achieved a great result that showcased my products beautifully.”

"The Body", Elle Macpherson

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...showcased my products beautifully...


“With different bands, I've worked with a lot of directors over the years. Images can turn music on it's head so sometimes it can be a hard process as each side tries to hold on to their big idea. With Phil, from the beginning it was different. He totally understood it, listened to ideas from our end, came up with a plan that incorporated them, then went off and delivered it. He was as bothered about getting it right as we were. Nothing is more important than that.”

Andy Cato (Groove Armada), Days of May

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...as bothered about getting it right as we were...


“We asked Authentive to make our fashion campaign film and they nailed it. Phil Dunn's eye for light and angles was incredible and captured our clothes in a way that made us proud to be making them. The 1 minute campaign film that they created was masterful and worked perfectly with the music to bring our brand to life in a new way. I would massively recommend Authentive to others and have already done so. They are epic.”

Oliver Proudlock, Creative Director, Serge DeNimes

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They nailed our fashion campaign film...

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